Kitchen Design

What's New? Ghost Kitchens

Ghost Kitchens are the next best way for entrepreneurs to create and serve great food with limited capital. Also known as “pop-up” kitchens, these allow the operator to get into a space with efficient use of capital and labor with the possible sharing of all expenses with other operators.

Shared costs often equals a better bottom line making the endeavor a profitable one. With concerns about communicable diseases, there are no seating spaces and all customers are served via pickup or delivery, sometimes via third party. Call us for assistance with your thoughts and let us help you make money!

It is typical for a CurranTaylor Kitchen Design to beat other designs in every comparison category that matters.

Including Labor, Energy Costs, Prep Time, Efficiency...

We Could Go On...

Poor kitchen and dining layouts can cost you thousands of dollars in lost revenues and higher expenses. Bad equipment choices and placement can adversely impact your profitability....forever. There is a better way.

We Don't Just Design Model Kitchens -
We Execute Plans To Ensure The Job's Done Precisely As Planned,
So That It Solves Your Problems and Generates More Income
With so little room for error, you need a kitchen that works to your advantage. At CurranTaylor, we work to maximize your efficiency, reduce your risks, and increase the likelihood that you will succeed.

The way you manage your resources including your food, labor, and energy costs will largely determine your fate.

At CurranTaylor we design and build kitchens according to the following principles:

  1. Kitchen Master Plan: We maximize the efficient use of space so that the kitchen plan works in harmony with the natural demands of food preparation, dishwashing, and foot traffic.
  2. Dining Space Allocation: We work to optimize the amount of space you have for dining. Too much or too little is NOT a good thing. We'll help you make those critical decisions.
  3. Reduce Capital Outlay: We design to cut hardware costs and reduce your capital outlay. It shouldn't cost too much.
  4. Versatility: We incorporate versatile and highly efficient equipment and appliances. We present options to maximize your investments to boost efficiency and keep costs low.
  5. Reduce Labor Costs: A poorly designed kitchen can require more bodies to operate which evaporates your bottom line. Every labor hour we save you because of good design is another dollar in your pocket. Our designs save you labor and make your area easier to manage.
  6. Workflow: We promote the proper flow of people and product such that efficiencies are built in from the start. If food and personnel patterns crisscross you lose efficiency. We design your kitchen with these patterns in mind from the beginning.
  7. Reduce Energy Demands (Think Energy Star!): To control operational costs we work to minimize demands for gas, electricity, water and heating and air conditioning. The wrong design can raise your energy costs and destroy your bottom line. Our designs work to minimize these expenses and save you money.
  8. Hardware Selection: We address the quality level of hardware necessary to accomplish your goals so that your payback is on target.

Kitchens are not static. They are living, breathing, dynamic environs that take food, labor and energy and turn them into a finished product that makes you money. As you can see from the above, this doesn’t happen by accident.