St. Benedict Church

St. Bens had a nice kitchen but with parish growth over the years, it was too small to handle medium or larger events. Their annual Lenten Fish Fry also generated significant revenues so it was time to get up to speed.

A new addition for the church was part of the project so we grabbed some space and started the design. Increased storage capacity came from a new walkin cooler with remote refrigeration up to the roof outside and a greatly expanded dry storage room. Plenty of workspace was created along the back wall with tables and a dedicated 2 basin prep sink.

Now the good part: the old ventilator hood was not to code which made it uncomfortable to work in the winter months. We designed a new low velocity HVAC system with tempered front discharge to keep the workers comfortable, to rave reviews once started up. Cooking included convection ovens, multiple fryers and a tilting skillet (“What a wonderful piece of equipment.”) to produce the food in sufficient quantities and “Feed the people”.

The warewashing included a new ventless machine that did not require a hood or even a hot water connection, thus saving thousands of dollars yearly!

Whether the annual Fish Fry or a smaller parish event, this kitchen puts out for the church members.

St. Benedict Church St. Benedict Church St. Benedict Church St. Benedict Church St. Benedict Church St. Benedict Church