Pelican Bay Beach Kitchen & Bar

Private restaurant constructed 10 feet above the protected beach area on sunken engineered columns, with stunning view of the Gulf of Mexico. Project included a full scratch prep kitchen and a 52’ x 18’ island bar with remote beer and wine systems.

It was a challenge just getting the equipment on to the site via elevated boardwalks thru sensitive mangrove wetlands using an ATV with trailer.

One goal was to minimize utility requirements. Kitchen appliances included demand ventilation to reduce HVAC air, hi-efficiency fryers, tilting skillet and cook-and-hold ovens. Think Energy Star! Even the dishwasher cut water consumption by 50%.

Huge outside bar featured pre-engineered factory “die wall” construction with full stainless steel inside walls with nice, clean visual lines, open chases for running of utilities, and pre-hung bar equipment well off the floor to facilitate easy cleaning. There are no product lines or cords or other exposed utilities that interfere or get in the way. This type of construction saved significant dollars in direct install costs not to mention ongoing efficiencies.

The “Healthy Lifestyle” menu also required charbroilers and a LOT of refrigeration to support fresh food storage. It was imperative that the main service area be integrated into the plan so as not to obstruct any views of the Gulf.

Takeout food is served at the bar for “beach patrons” which could not conflict with the “dining patrons” thus, service patterns had to be closely evaluated to prevent cross traffic.

At project closing, we had ZERO punchlist items to address.

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