Indiana Univ. of PA Convention Ctr

Indiana Univ of PA had a brand new Convention Ctr. constructed but the kitchens were left out due to budget constraints. When the University was finally ready to engage the Kitchen Contractor, we were given not quite 4 months to meet the strictest of deadlines. It was do or die. Mechanical roughins had been previously installed and had to be checked and reworked as needed. Equipment was ordered. Field dimensions were verified and custom equipment designed and built. Deliver and install commenced with just 1 month till D-Day. Boom lifts were needed to get equipment up and over the seats to the second level concessions area. Remote beer systems had lines run from distant coolers to the various stations. In the end, the main catering kitchen and perimeter concessions were opened a mere 12 hours prior to the Harlem Globetrotters center court tip off. What a game!

Indiana University of Pennsylvania Testimonial

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